Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We don’t have much time left.

A few days ago, while rounding on the ward…checking in on the children who have safely left the ICU following their surgeries…a woman brought in her 5 month old and very beautiful blue blue baby.  Cyanotic blue.  He is okay, but if the anatomy of his heart is not rearranged very soon, he will grow weaker and die. 

He is on our “to do list.”  His surgery was scheduled for yesterday. 

But the unforeseen always occurs in medicine.  Things take longer than anticipated.  Kids need to return to the OR for emergent revisions of work already completed.  Kids are sicker in the ICU than expected.

And this lovely mother came to us in tears telling us with this cruel desperation how afraid she was that we would leave before we could do her baby’s surgery. 

“Please…. this is my only son.”

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