Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's a weird title I know. 

This was a little magical coincidence that I was going to keep to myself, but seeing how I just designated it as the title of my freaking blog, I guess it warrants some explanation. 

I recently ended a relationship with an amazing and delightfully creative man, whom I love very much but just can't be partnered with anymore...that is another long story and I don't think this is really the appropriate forum for that.  Regardless, he made the observation early on that my initials were "K.D." and made the obvious but previously unrecognized connection between that moniker and the common girls name "Katy."  So that's what he liked to call me....KD.  I kind of like it.  So that is where that comes from.

Heart: This is a funny story.

I walked into this funky, Oregon gas station to buy beer from this Indian guy...Habeeb's I think the place is called. He looked at my driver's license, looked at me, looked back...paused and said as he handed it back to me "In my language your last name means 'heart." And sure enough, it does.  Granted, it is spelled, in Hindi I believe "dil" but Hindi seems to be pretty loose about spelling and connecting words like that.  Weird, right?

Weird especially since it's baby hearts that are taking me on my current path.  Congenital heart defects took me to Siberia, are taking me to the Middle East, and now also appear to be taking me to Stanford for a remarkable nursing position.  

Now, my mother pointed out that "kdheart" is sort of redundant and she is admittedly correct.  It is after all like Saying "Kristen Dill Dil." But I still like the ring of it.  Maybe "Katy Heart" can be my pen name or alias some day.  Anyway...

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  1. Howdy KDHeart! Cody(Mains)Tapia here! I saw your new blog via FB. I don't understand some of the technical lingo you use, although remember some from my daughter's week in the Kadlec NICU- but your accounts are super interesting and I'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences there in Iraq! I hope all is well, and send you a "high-5" for being an amazing person and impacting so many lives around the world! I know you know, but what you're doing is so important. Take care. Cody