Saturday, February 5, 2011

People keep telling me that I need to start a blog...

...and seeing how I actually do very much enjoy writing, I have decided to do it.  I also had a touch of insomnia last night (it may have been worth it however, seeing how it was likely due to the espresso con panna I had with my tiramisu last night...yummmmm) which meant that I didn't fall asleep until around 0400 which meant that I couldn't get up at 0600 to drive to the coast and surf the groynes in Westport at low tide...which means that I am sitting at home like a lazy slacker and I might as well start a new project while I drink my second cup of coffee. 

 But I  digress...

The impetus for "The Blog:" Last year alone, I managed to surf in Mexico, travel to Indonesia for two weeks, alone, to surf their, spend days and days in the mountains learning to rock climb, went to my first Burning Man, ran my first marathon, and traveled to Siberia with International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF) to work with a teaching oriented medical team to perform repairs of congenital heart defects in children and infants.

Each of these experiences, while sounding cool, where big steps for me and all very satisfying.  I expect the coming year to be just as full and exciting.  It is February 5th and I have already quit my job (and I did it without a new one, which was SUPER scary), got an amazing offer from an amazing institution in California (which means I will be relocating to the Bay Area), and I am about to leave for a four week adventure with ICHF in the Middle East.

I enjoy sharing my adventures with my friends and family and people seem to be genuinely interested in what I am up to.

 So this project should streamline that whole sharing process. 



  1. It's great that you are living life to it's fullest and sharing your adventures along the way!!

  2. Yay!! Welcome to blogland!! Can't wait to see how your future adventures go. I'll miss you loads when we next end up at MB but are so excited for your offer at Stanford. Have you asked Obayashi for lots of advice? ;)