Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tonsillitis and sinusitis…

That is Pavel’s diagnosis for me this morning. 

I have had this yucky cold since I got back from my ski trip in Canada (over four weeks ago now)…god forbid I just take care of myself and recover right?  I mean, I have to drive all over the state, fly to California, pack up my place, socialize and climb at every opportunity, right?  Duh. 

After two weeks I stiff felt awful, so I did a round of antibiotics, felt better after a few days and then a few days later I have the same symptoms come back.  But like I said, god forbid I actually chill out for more than a day. 

So, of course I jump on a plane and travel to the other side of the world again, three or so days on planes and in airports with crappy sleep, then I pull a couple night shifts and low and behold, I feel like shit again. 

So today, I tell Pavel that I am sick and he is totally skeptical…then he looks in my ears and throat, etc and says “Eeeeewe.  You have tonsillitis and sinusitis maybe.”  So, he tells the locals, they send me to the lab for a CBC, give me antibiotic fluid to gargle with, one of the girls on the team supplies me with antibiotics, and I am promised some sort of nasal spray…Pavel has to go to the pharmacy to figure out what he can give me. 

And they all assure me that coupled with my scheduled trip to the banya and a little vodka, I will be better in no time. 

So they are taking good care of me…but they instructed me to not kiss any of the children in the ICU. 

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