Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“No running with tonsillitis!”

These were Pavel’s words to me when I left him at the hospital last evening, seeing now that he is my “personal doctor” and all, he apparently feels entitled to give me such advice…and he also knows that I will be off for the next twenty-four hours and naturally inclined to do something silly like that. 

Damn.  He knows me so well.

The funny thing is that despite my resurgence of feeling fatigued and miserable for the last couple days, I felt well enough all day today that while looking at yet another sunny day outside I said to myself “Maybe if it is still nice tomorrow I will take myself for a run.” 


I’m stuck by this strange power play between my brain chemistry and immune system…for once brain chemistry is loosing to my other physical needs…but she is not going down without a fight damn it. 

A few days ago, after a few days of antibiotics and a totally insufficient amount of sleep, I woke up and felt the urge to go for a run…despite the fact that I had slept for only four hours, had been given my tonsillitis/sinusitis verdict two days prior, and that it was raining.  I just was feeling energetic…so I hit the road for about an hour…maybe four miles?  And I totally got caught. 

“I saw you!  From the van, going to the hospital to check babies… and you were RUNNING…in the rain!?! Crazy girl with tonsillitis!”

What can I say?

And of course, I felt awful again for the following two, three days.  Seems that my compulsion to move may actually be bordering on pathological at this point. 


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