Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ah yes, tongue salad…and mayonnaise.


Seriously, this was my breakfast when I arrived at the Hotel Tom here in Kemerovo, Siberia.  That and something resembling potato pancakes.  And vodka. 

It is funny to be back in Russia especially due to the fact that it was clear and around 60 degrees today, weather considerably nicer than I left in Seattle.  Who knew that spring in Siberia could be so nice? 

It has been a long stretch of days; Seattle to New York, to Moscow for over twelve hours, then to Kemerovo, and after a short nap, a quick run in the sunshine and a lot of caffeine, I found myself at the Kemerovo Heart Center.  I went with the rest of the ICHF team (aside from the two who missed their flight to Moscow yesterday) to the hospital for meet and greet, said hello to many familiar faces and oriented my fellow ICU nurse (there will only be two of us this trip) to our PICU home for the next two weeks.  And then I gave a brief interview with the local TV news station about the work we are doing here…funny that these little interviews are becoming a regular occurrence, though I  have yet to see any of them so far…which might actually be a good thing. 

And now it is almost 8:00 PM and the sun is still out because it is mid April and we are far north of the equator here. 

I love that.

Sometimes I feel like I could survive on little more than sunshine and caffeine.    

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