Saturday, June 11, 2011

There is nothing like a massage to ruin your day.

I know what you are thinking: “Great Kristen, you have so little to say at this point that you are going to actually bitch about having a massage.”

Relax (ha!).  I’m not really going to bitch about it, just making the kind of tongue and cheek observation that one can only make when they have the luxury of being on vacation.  And since I seem to be suffering from a lack of material in my novel new life, I am just going to run with it. 

So, for those of you who do not keep close tabs on me and my whereabouts, this weekend I am occupying a fancy schmancy time share condo up in South Lake Tahoe (THANKS MOM!).  Sweet digs to be sure (and man o man, they almost got me to sign up for one of my very own…but I think they may have still gotten my number since it appears that I have purchased a ten day vacation on Maui for sometime in the next eighteen months).  And Lake Tahoe, just as I remembered it from a brief drive-by I did back in my Mammoth days, is stunning.  But while Tahoe is the kind of place ripe with pristine natural beauty that I often frequent, the novelty of the aforementioned fancy schmancy condo is a bit disorienting.  Those of you who know me well can attest to me being more the camping, sleep-in-your-car-at-the-beach or live-in-a-van-with-your-stinky-boyfriend kind of gal rather than your grandma’s luxury time-share type. 

(Cue the Talking Heads right here…)

In the spirit of occupying someone else’s life, I decided to book myself an overpriced, ski vacation town massage this morning, as my back has been tweaking out (I think I am out of shape for working those 36 hour weeks…I know, you feel REAL sorry for me for that one too).  

It was great.  Maybe not worth the exorbitant price tag but I am, after all, pretty spoiled with the $6 medical massages I was getting on my old insurance plan. 

Then I had lunch with an old friend, which is probably another story onto itself (seriously…here is a little trailer for you: I had lunch with my best friend from first grade whom I have not heard from for a solid thirteen years).

My plan for my day had be as follows: get up, make coffee/breakfast, enjoy the jet tub in my unit with a hot bath, attend overpriced massage, meet childhood chum for lunch, rent kayak and paddle around this big blue bucket of crystal clear water, spring the dogger from the kennel for a few hours (no dogs allowed in fancy schmancy land) and go for a walk and maybe sit on the beach with her for a while, then dinner and chill. 

Things didn’t go awry until after lunch.  Somehow lost my motivation to finish the day strong (sorry dogger, but maybe I will catch a second wind here and we can go for a little sunset stroll). 

Like I said, I blame the massage.  Just too relaxed.  Clearly.  Plus it got cloudy and a little windy and kayaking sounded cold.  Going back to my big leather couch and gourmet coffee maker to write for a while and maybe read sounded better to me. 

So here I am…. 

“Letting the days go by…”

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