Saturday, March 12, 2011

This has been hard.

Siberia was different.  A challenge to be sure, but so much farther along in their management ability.  And we had interpreters.   And all of our patients did very well.  Everything went smoothly. 

Here in Iraq I feel as though we are entrenched in a way.  Limited resources.  Staff that needs so much direction and teaching.  And a multitude of complicated defects begging to be repaired.  Sick, sick children in the ICU. 


They told us that something like 350 people showed up at the hospital the first day in Nasiriyah…have I shared that detail yet?  It still blows me away.  And the surgical waiting list in Sulaymaniyah seems to be miles long…

I think it is hard to feel like this endeavor is little more than a gesture.  I suppose that there is a legitimate criticism to be made there.  But at it’s worst, I also believe that it is a gesture of compassion.  Of effort, regardless of the ultimate outcome.  We all do our best with what we have.  Today.

And while there may not be time now, maybe not today, I think we will be back. 

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